Product Specifications and Data Sheet

Product Name:
Concure Flooring Sealant

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Product Description:
The Concure Flooring Sealant is a water based, non-toxic, pre-mixed liquid that is designed to penetrate deep into a concrete slab. The sealant will stop hydrostatic pressure, capillary action and micro silica alkali attack. Concure Flooring Sealant is a clear liquid that has a zero volatile organic compounds and requires no special handling or equipment.

Basic Use:
Concure Flooring Sealant specifically protects floor-covering materials such as resilient, epoxies, carpeting, rubber tile, wood, cement toppings and other sheet materials from debondingdue to moisture. After the product is installed, the flooring sealant becomes an integral part of the slab providing maximum protection. The Flooring Sealant will form a capillary break deep enough to prohibit moisture intrusions positive, negative and horizontally. Substrates treated with the flooring sealant will have no surface film or residue.

Do not apply the product at temperatures below 45 degrees F. Surface must be properly prepared before product can be applied. Do not apply to concrete with standingwater on the surface.

Concure Flooring Sealant is comprised of inorganic chemicals that are directly inherent to concrete. This flooring sealant will

have a natural chemical reaction with the elements pre-existinginside the concrete. The chemical reaction forms the permanent barrier (capillary break) which will become irreversible.

Technical Data:

Appearance: Colorless
Odor: None
Toxicity: None
Flammability: None
Ph: 11.3
Shelf Life: Indefinite
Weight: 91bs20z per gal.
Freeze temp: 32°F
Solvent: Water
Acid resistance: Excellent
Hazardous Vapors: None
Capillary Break: Calcium Silicate
Hydrate Installation: All grade levels
Est. coverage: 160 sf. Per gal

Site Testing:
Calcium Chloride tests are required and the results must be registered with Concure Corporation prior to floor preparation or application.

Surface Preparation:
Prior to installation, surface must be shot blasted in accordance with Concure Shot BlastingSpecifications. All cracks, saw cuts and control joints must be filled with Concure 670 Crack Filling Binder. Filling the cracks will prohibit moisture from migrating through these voids.
(See 670 Crack Filling BinderProduct Specification and DataSheet.)

Note**lnstall in units of square feet that can be installed in 2 hours or less. Using a low pressure sprayer, apply a heavy first coat of the Flooring Sealant to the surface. Spray evenly and broom all puddles out. After the first coat has been absorbed, but not totally dry, apply the second coat using the same technique. Constantly

broom out any puddles until the sealant has soaks into the concrete slab. A heavy coat of water is applied to the sealed concrete surface after the Flooring Sealant has been applied and dry to the touch. Using a broom, agitate the heavy coat of water on the surface to remove any residue of sealer. Then use a squeegee or a vacuum to remove water from surface. Then a final rinse coat of clean water is applied to the sealed surface so that, the sealer does not dry on the surface. After the sealed floor has been cleaned and dried, a pH test should be performed. At the same time feel the surface of concrete to make sure that the surface does not feel slippery. If surface feels slippery call for technical assistance.

If the surface of the substrate reveals a glass-like glaze, the concrete is not absorbing the flooring sealant adequately.

A rubber mat test must be performed 24 hours after the finalcoat of water had dried. The mat should stay taped down for 72 hours then checked for signs of moisture. The use of meters or Calcium Chloride test kits will not work effectively at this stage of the procedure.

Field Service:
Installation can be completed by the flooring contractor under the supervision of a Concure representative or by a corporate installation team.

The Concure Flooring Sealant offers a 10 year warranty against any moisture related problems.